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Why Your Baby Needs Lip Balm More Than You
  1. The Lip Barrier Function Is Weaker Than Other Parts Of The Skin

Lips have only a thin layer of cutin, only 1/5~1/3 of other skin thickness, and have no sebaceous glands, which cannot secrete oil to form a protective film. Such a structure leads to the weak barrier function of the lips, and the moisture is extremely easy to lose. If it is not protected in time, it is easy to dry and crack the skin, and even causes problems such as cheilitis.

  1. Babies' Lips Are Thinner And Need More Protection Than Adults'

The epidermis of a baby's lips is only 1/10 of that of an adult, so the barrier function is weaker and moisture is more likely to evaporate. Moreover, babies have drooling and saliva that can irritate the skin and cause inflammatory reactions, so babies' lips need to be cared for seasons.

  1. How To Choose BabyLip Balm

Lip balm selection mainly depends on the oil, which generally has vegetable oil and mineral oil. Vegetable oil can not only form a protective film to strengthen the barrier function of the lips, but also provide nutrients for the lip skin to achieve hydration and moisturisation. With hydrating and locking water ability, vegetable oil is better than mineral oil, and the skin feels lighter with the vegetable oil.

Aiwibi baby lip balm is enriched with natural camellia oil. The natural camellia oil makes it smell nice and look fresh. The nourishing balm can help relieve the lip dryness caused by cold, sunshine and others, and take good care of baby’s lovely lips.


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