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Tips to STOP the Diaper Leaks


For some new parents, one of the most frustrating things parents have is seeing the messes caused by their baby's diaper leakage. Once the leakage happens, not only is the cleaning work troublesome, but if it is not discovered in time, the baby will easily catch a cold due to soaking in the wet diaper for a long time.


What Causes Diaper Leaks?

Many causes can result in diaper leaking. Here are some factors that can contribute to an influx in diaper leaks:

The diaper is soaking through.

  1. The diaper is highly saturated before the next change.
  2. Your baby is fitting with the wrong diaper size.
  3. The diaper tabs are not fastened correctly.
  4. Holding your baby in a way that’s twisting or compressing the diaper.
  5. Baby’s clothing is too tight.


How to prevent your baby’s diaper from leaking:

Now with a few causes found, you can better understand why your baby’s diaper is still leaking, and use some tips to deal with the leaking diaper issue.

1.The most common cause of leakage is using the wrong size diaper.

 To make sure you’ve got the right diaper size for your baby, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Where are the leaks coming from?

2) Does the leak happen overnight or during the day?

Leaks from the leg generally indicate the diaper is too big, it's better to size down your baby's diaper.

Leaks from the back/waistband indicate the diaper is too small, or that the diaper tabs are too tight. Trying to size up or attach the tabs closer to your baby’s hips, rather than in toward their belly button.

Sizing up can often help with overnight leaks.

Leaks during the day may suggest the diaper isn’t correctly fit. Regularly check if the current size is still appropriate as your baby grows.

 2.If there is leakage even though you haveput the correct diaper size on your baby, do a check for the following:

Are the leg gathers folded inwards?

Are the diaper tapes around the tummy fastened properly?

Are there any gaps between the diaper and baby's thighs? 

Ensure the diaper fits well also matters the prevention of diaper leakage issue.

Position and fasten the diaper correctly:
How you position the diaper on your baby’s body and how you fasten it can make a BIG difference. Taking a few extra seconds to make sure it’s straight and snug can prevent you from spending extra time later cleaning up a big poopy mess.

For boys: If you have a little boy, it is essential that you angle their little penis straight down before fastening the diaper.

3.The diaper is highly saturated before the next change.

Change your baby more often.

Babies (especially newborns) are constantly taking in liquid throughout the day and voiding excess liquid into their diapers. Even if you have ultra-absorbent diapers, they will hit their limit. If the diaper is full when they need to go pee or poo, the diaper is unable to absorb any of the liquid and it’s more likely to run up their back or out the leg holes. Changing them every few hours can help.

4. Adjust clothing size.

Clothing sizes can impact baby blowouts as well. It may seem strange, but if the pants or onesie that your child is using is compressing their diaper, it makes it more difficult for the diaper to do its job as an absorbing agent.

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