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Pay Attention to These Three Critical Periods to Prevent Scoliosis in Babies!

 The baby's body bones are not well-developed and are soft when he or she is 3 months old. This is the first critical period in the development of an infant's spine. Some incorrect holding positions, such as allowing the baby to stand, sit, or hold vertically, can harm the baby's spine. At this stage, the baby should only be held lying down; if you must hold it, do so horizontally and use your arms carefully to protect the baby's neck, back, and waist.



        At 6 months old, the baby's spine is already well-developed, ushering in the second critical period of spinal development. Although the baby can already sit independently, the time should be controlled, and parents should respect the child's rhythm by not forcing correcting the sitting posture or allowing the baby to sit for too long, which can lead to thoracic lordosis and, in severe cases, hunchback, which will greatly reduce the child's image once formed.

        At around one year of age, infants enter the learning-to-walk stage, which is the third critical period of spinal development in children. This does not imply that the spine is fully formed. By the age of six or seven, the spine should be fully formed. At this age, do not force your child to learn to walk, and do not use a baby walker, which can cause leg deformities such as X-shaped legs, O-shaped legs, and so on.

        In everyday life, there are imperceptible behaviors that can lead to scoliosis in infants. Please stay away from the following.

        1. Always change baby diapers/pants in the proper position.

        Baby Pants:

        Open the baby pants with both hands to cover the baby's calves, and then pull upward, along the root of the thighs, to straighten out both sides of the leak-proof partition edge.

        Baby Diapers:

        ① Lie your baby on his or her side and unfold the diaper so that the absorbent layer is facing up.
        ② Hold the baby's waist and slowly turn him/her to lie flat.
        ③ Pull the front piece of the diaper over the baby's abdomen, stick the Magic Tape to the top surface of the diaper, and then adjust the diaper to fit the baby's body.

        2. The proper pillow selection should not be too high.

        3. Select the appropriate mattress softness; the baby's spine is still developing, so a better support mattress is required.

        4. The use of a baby sitting chair to help babies learn to sit is also important for spine health.

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